Hello dear friends.

Welcome to my new blog for Square Fish Fashion, my brand of T-shirts… and other clothing.

Who I am and what I do

First, I will introduce myself. My name is Carolina Sanchez and I am from Spain. I created my brand on T-shirts in 2013 while living in London. It started as a hand painted T-shirts project that soon developed into also screen printed garments with my own designs on them.

Hand painting clothes have something special and fantastic because while one is creating art at the same time is making a piece of apparel unique. You know that nobody else is going to wear it and… we love that! Because we also love to feel unique, don´t we? And we all are. So why not wear clothes that suit us and say something nice about us?

Well, that is my aim when I am painting a T-shirt, make people happy with what they wear. My inspiration? I´d like to think that anything can inspire my creativity, although the truth is that I am inclined to add Nature in my drawings. You will see trees, landscapes and, of course, fish… but mostly Square Fish.

Ethical clothing

You must know too that I sell clothing that are made by manufacturers who have sensibility towards ethical practices and environmental care. The main supplier of T-shirts I am using has several certificates which show their concern in these matters, among these ethical certificates is the Global Organic Textile Standard. Also, they are members of the Fair Wear Fundation, which means that they have adopted a serious social responsibility.

What does this mean? It means the producers of the clothing follow several criteria:

  • No use of child labour.
  • No use of forced labour
  • Safe and healthy working conditions… and more.

I will write in a later post about this question, for now I just would like to highlight that from my part I work with suppliers that guarantee their products are not made under any form of abuse and respect the environment. That is one of my principles and I know makes me work harder but I do not care about this hard work if I can sleep well in the night.

Any opinion is important

For now I would love to encourage you to follow this blog and Square Fish social media, to keep up to date with my news, my articles and my products.

Any suggestion, question or opinions are welcome and you can always write to me to customerservice@tshitsquarefish.com or sending me a message through the Contact page in my website.

Do not hesitate to visit my shop and feel free to fish anything! 😉