The Fisher

The Fisher Carolina


Educated in communication and journalism, Carolina Sánchez Velasco, has always been involved in some way or another with artistic expression. Versatile and enthusiastic, Carolina has filled her whole life with many activities. From painting and creating custom-made jewellery to acting in theatre. After starting painting t-shirts by hand and seeing the great, positive response they received from her closest friends and family, Carolina felt encouraged to produced her own line of clothes for the general public. So Square Fish emerged, as a way of both amusing herself as well as giving other people the opportunity to enjoy her designs.

Creatively everything is possible and Carolina is willing to create as far as her wide imagination reaches. Her first creations were t-shirts and dresses designed for women and children, but she will be opening a male clothing line soon. As with the Square Fish her designs will always be original.

“I would like to thank all my friends and family that have supported me along the way to get my project become reality. Without their help and generous advice this wouldn´t be possible.”