Customize your favorite plain outfits with fresh and original drawings to make them look great

Customizing garments by painting them by hand is one of the jobs I do. I enjoy it very much because one can change totally the look of an outfit with just adding a particular print on it.

The advantageous thing of customizing your clothing is that you can transform a nice garment into a wonderful one. Or even better, a piece of clothing that you don´t like that much can be turned into something special to wear… and surprise! You will love it!

Everyone has in her/his closet T-shirts, trousers or dresses that might be old but still in good condition and nobody wants to throw them away. Why doing that? You can make a new one by adding some changes on it. What do I do? I paint original drawings on these garments with fabric paint… and the results are fantastic!

You can have a look at my previous works in the section Custom Made of my web


 Customizing a black dress

This time I took a simple black long dress from my own wardrobe. It is a sleeveless and a round neck dress, tight to the body, but a bit loose at the bottom; very comfortable for summer nights or even for going to the beach with sandals and a pamela hat.

Although black is always smart, this dress needed some accessories to make it stand out. So I decided to decorate its bottom part with a kind of garden drawing that I made up. Flowers growing up from the edge.

Last week I bought a pair of beautiful summer sandals with a geometrical pattern in orange, cream and red. Then I decided to add these colours to my plain black dress so it could combine perfectly with my new shoes… and also shine on its own.

You can see the result on that picture… please feel free to give me your opinions or any suggestion for future jobs. I would love to hear from you guys!

For your information, I use Setacolor paints, special for fabric, from the brand Pebeo. These paints are totally everlasting once they are ironed for at least 5 minutes. I normally iron the garment 10 minutes on the front and another 10 minutes inside out. That way I am sure the prints will not disappear after washing.