Campaign to eliminate plastics


Every year 8 million tonnes of plastic enter our seas and oceans, making these food and water sources less and less habitable. Greenpeace launched recently a campaign to stop the production of single-use plastics, and from here we invite you to sign a petition to our European Ministers to reduce plastic production. Let´s make our planet a better place to live in!


Every time that I go to the supermarket, I wonder where all this crazy plastic world will end up? Apart from the plastic containers of many products, there are more and more foodstuffs, fresh and non fresh products, which come wrapped in plastic. Sometimes, as muffins, for example, they also come individually wrapped in plastic plus inside of another plastic bag.


Why? Why this obsession? Is it because they will last longer? Well, that is not actually the truth. “Fresh” products (I write it between quotation marks because normally these fresh products are transported or kept in freezers) once opened and fr

ee from their wrapping, got rotten easily, even if you put them in the fridge.

Whether the non fresh products they have already many additives to make them last unnaturally.


Local Markets VS Supermarkets

In the big city I miss the proximity of local markets where you know the stands and their owners, where you can e

ven try the fruits and check their taste, where you can talk with the producer in most of the cases and have a little chat about the quality of what you are buying or knowing how the harvest have been this year. In markets like that, one can go with their own basket or trolley and fill them without bringing home any plastic at all.


But these markets are not common and for many, many consumers is faster and easier to buy their food in the nearest supermarket where one can buy everything: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits… all with their plastic wrappings. We bring home a full amount of waste, just directly to the bin.


My worry is where all this non biodegradable material go? Well, unfortunately lots of them end up in the sea, polluting our rich oceans, our waters and the habitat for a huge diversity of fauna and flora. Fauna that gets all this toxic waste. Fauna that, in many cases, end up in our stomachs.


Save the oceans

Sign the petition

Now that is summer I dare to say that all of us love going to the beaches and enjoy the sun and the sea. Well, I do and I believe that most of you do it too.


I lived several years in Palma de Mallorca and it was a pleasure driving  the car to a desert-like beach… no cars, no people, only the sea, the sand, you… and the plastics floating on the shore. Very sad! But it happens. Most of the yachts stopped in front of the coast were cleaned there and all that rubbish were left in such a paradisiacal place with no scruples.


That is just an example of what we can see with our own eyes. But the reality in our seas is much more worrying.


According to Greenpeace “8 million tonnes of plastic enter our seas worldwide every year”. Eight million tonnes? Every year? Wow! We need to do something to stop this destruction of our own environment. Yes, governments must take action (as for many other issues). However, if we wait until they decide to move a finger, we will see before our eyes our planet, our Home, being destroyed, dirty and uninhabitable.


I invite you all to sign the petition to ask our European leaders to eliminate single-use plastics. I already did it. It seems a small step, but anything that could make things better, it´s worth doing it. At least we can ask our governors to take responsibilities and courage to make changes for good.


However, apart from what authorities can make, we, as individuals, can decide what is best for us and our planet Earth, can´t we? Sure, little actions are big ones too. Like: go shopping with your own bags, avoid buying single-use wrapped products, recycle, not throw any rubbish while being in Nature, or while being anywhere, etc. In the end it´s a matter of attitude, starting from and within us.


Drop by drop we can construct a better place to live in!