Little ones also can wear amazing hand painted clothes to make them special. I loved to make this one and the kid looked so cute!

This is one of the most amusing on demand order I never had, because it was for a very special ‘customer’, the niece of my friend Geanina, Elena of 6 months of age.

For this occasion I chose a yellow cardigan, 100% cotton, with could fit for either boy or girl. Also a garment that could be wore all year long.

Here is the result, colourfull balloon on the right side of the cardigan whose basquet was drawn over the little pocket. As usual, the brand stands out on the left side, where a cute pink and blue square fish painted over the left pocket emerges and its bubbles become ballons.

If you would like to have a special clothing for your baby, exclusively hand painted with the colours of your choice, do not hesitate to contact me at I will be delighted to have more orders like this one.