About us

… and the first t-shirt Square Fish was born.

Square Fish was born as a hand painted t-shirt project. In the videoclip below you can witness his birth, that occurred one sunny afternoon in the summer of 2013.

Soon we were also making printed garments with the original Square Fish designs on them. For the printed t-shirts we choose screen printing technique for the quality of the result plus the durability of the print.

Both our printed and hand painted garments have one aspect in common: they are artistic pieces of clothing or, better said, pieces of art to wear. Its designs are inspired by Nature and Art. Trees, flowers, animals, landscapes, gardens and sealife are predominant signs of its identity.

Special and exclusive gifts

Do you want to give a very unique present to your friends or dear ones? Or would you like to wear an exclusive garment nobody else has?

We sell already made hand-painted t-shirts for you (see Hand Painted section to make an order). These are unique paintings in unique garments (size display in each product page).

None of these patterns are the same. There´s no two identical.

In addition to the painting design, some ot these t-shirts have also embroidered artwork, also hand-made, what make them even more special.

However if what you want is a replica of one of the hand painted designs in your t-shirt size or if you want something different with our hallmark you can make a request through the Custom Made section. Have a look at our previous artistic t-shirts to get inspiration or ideas and contact us for any enquiry.

Also, the kids tees can be personalized with a name or a short message of your like. Click in the option Personalize it! in the product page.

We use special fabric paints and after it dries we heat the painting so can last forever. Just take care of the garment, always wash it in cold water and iron it inside out. This way your favorite Square Fish hand painted t-shirt will remain as new. (Please see our Terms & Conditions to check our washing guidelines)

Find out more about our brand, how we work and who we are in The Fishing and The Fisher sections.