Unique Hand Painted Shirts!

These are unique pieces of art, painted and embroidered by hand. Art to wear.

Custom made

Hand painted just for your like. The perfect special gift!

Look different

Look different and smart in the original tree t-shirts

Versatile dresses

Day and night dresses. Original design by Square Fish

Welcome to Square Fish online shop where you can fish & shop our original designed t-shirts, vests, dresses… with patterns and designs inspired by Nature (and more).

You will only find highest quality here: best cotton garments, limited edition designs, eco-friendly and ethically produced clothing and our special and unique hand painted t-shirts. Don´t miss out!

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kid´s T-shirt

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Certificate Square Fish

Square Fish brand wishes to be distinguised by its quality, as well as its ethical and ecological credibility. Therefore the garments are selected from suppliers who use natural and organic materials.

Moreover, Square Fish works with suppliers ethically committed to their employees, which means that they work within the legal standards and everybody is paid fairly.

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Square Fish is a brand of clothing with original designs inspired by nature. We do printed garments and unique hand printed T-shirts with our own signature. The quality of the garments and the ethics are essential for us, that is why our suppliers are chosen among those who care about the environment and are involved in fair trade.